Let’s sit down for a moment…

Who hasn’t ever come home in the evening, feeling absolutely worn out, and gone straight to the kitchen, let’s say to “engorge”?

In those moments we’re practically in a “trance” as we stand there and stuff ourselves literally with everything…

I think we can all agree to the fact that in such a case it’s useless to forbid oneself access and keep the kitchen door padlocked, because we’ll always find a way in, even if we have to go through the window…

So what could we do to improve the quality of the crime we’re preparing to commit: taking a snack knowing perfectly well that in next to no time we’ll be going to table for supper?

It doesn’t matter if we’ve decided to throw ourselves with open-arms onto the chips we have in the house, or on ham, bread, slices of cheese or perhaps choose something “politically correct” like rice cakes, almonds or dried apricots.

What counts is that we prepare a tray with some little plates on which to place the appetizers we’ve chosen, and then go to a quiet corner where we can sit comfortably and relax.

Believe me! The difference between eating appetizers or rice cakes with honey while standing, and doing the same thing sitting down in absolute tranquillity, is huge.

* First of all the quantity of food we eat is less, seeing as we left the packet of rice cakes and bread in the kitchen;
* The way we eat is inevitably slower, because we’re sitting down and in that way are induced to relax much more;
* And, to finish, the sense of satisfaction that pervades us contributes to keeping us from going back into the kitchen for a second helping…

Therefore, dear Friends, let’s remember: when we’ve decided to commit a “gastronomical crime” the first thing to do is to sit down for a moment


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