SlowLife Yoga Teacher Training

As founder of SlowLife Yoga and SlowLife Coaching, I’m often asked to share my method so teachers can incorporate the SlowLife philosophy in their work.

As I’m in the early stages of developing my curriculum for SlowLife Teacher Training, I currently work one-on-one with yoga teachers to share my knowledge.

Over the next year as the curriculum is formalised, I’ll offer 25 hour SlowLife Teacher Training for small groups in a residential setting near the Tuscan coast.

For now, one-on-one Teacher Training will take place in the Chianti Hills just outside of Florence, Italy. This is non-residential training but it will be my pleasure to help you find a fabulous place to stay for the duration of your course. The training is 25 hours over five days and the tuition fee is €600.

We schedule the five days at a time convenient to us both, and as my calendar is booked well in advance I suggest we look approximately four months ahead.


If you are curious to know more please be in touch so we can discuss how to incorporate the SlowLife philosophy in your work. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

In the meantime here’s a brief overview of the SlowLife Yoga Philosophy.

Slow Life Yoga teaches us how to listen our body, mind and soul.

Through an approach of slowness, observation, curiosity and exploration, we cultivate our capacity to understand the deepest needs of our whole being.

Using gentle techniques of breath awareness and slow movement, we make the breath longer and slower in order to release first physical and then mental tension. It is here that our minds become calm and spacious, the place where our deepest needs are found.

The SlowLife Yoga approach is underpinned by an approach of non-violence, consulting the wisdom of our bodies with the utmost gentleness.

Through our time together I invite my students to consider… could I fall asleep in this position? When the answer is ‘yes, I could fall asleep like this” then our body is in perfect harmony…. and if the answer is ‘no’ then we ask….what can I do to make this position more comfortable? how do I move towards this in a slow and gentle way?

SlowLife Yoga offers so many benefits beyond the deep calm and awareness of a session. It helps us to:

  • slow down in all aspects of our lives
  • have more kindly awareness of others and be a better listener
  • be more resilient to the daily difficulties of life
  • be free of obsessive or unhelpful thought
  • awaken our senses
  • love and take care of our bodies

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