SlowLife Yoga for

Pain Relief

Are you living with pain? Would you like to enjoy some moments of relief and learn tools to manage pain in daily life?

This session of SlowLife Yoga is for those with joint, neck or back pain, or any kind of chronic physical pain. In your individual one-to-one session you’ll learn how to release physical tension and manage pain, through gentle movement, breathing techniques and the warmth of your hands. I’ll guide you in finding a state of deep relaxation, then from here you’ll discover ways of moving and breathing that bring relief.

But how does it work? In a number of ways!

  • postures are done with slowness, gentleness and kindness, respecting always the needs of your body
  • muscle tension is released when gentle movements are combined with conscious breathing
  • pain is reduced when muscles are gently stretched and joints moved carefully through their range of motion
  • yoga helps us to truly hear the messages of our body and make choices that support us in being pain-free
  • learning to work with our breath helps us find moments of relief amongst moments of pain


The sessions are held via Zoom or in Florence (Italy).


Please be in touch if you have any questions about how I could help. It would be my great pleasure to support you in easing your pain and learning tools to do this in daily life.


Nota Bene

SlowLife Yoga does make any diagnosis, prescribe treatment or act as a substitute for medical treatment. SlowLife Yoga is based on gentle movement techniques aimed at relieving physical and mental tension. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns or are in doubt about using these techniques.


How Much?

Individual Session 90 mins: 90 euro



I felt very relaxed after the session. Started with a headache and bad night. But the session with Sandrine made it all go away. Her technique is very smooth and gentle for the body and mind, and your body will give it back to you and that’s how I felt so much better.


This was such an amazing experience. Sandrine always take care with checking and correcting the postures if it was not right. Many poses helped to relieve my pains of neck, shoulders and back. Highly recommended!


Wonderful experience! I started the session with a huge knot in my shoulder blade that I had for a while and by the end it had almost completely released. Was so relaxed, I immediately went for a nap!


It was my second time with Sandrine and it was, again, a great experience! She really pays attention to you, personalizing the experience. I have back pain and scoliosis and thanks to her, my back got much better as early as the next day.


My family gave me a gift of a Zoom Slow Life session with the beautiful & gentle woman Sandrine. 90 minutes of being guided slowly through breathing into the body together with very gentle stretching exercises which amazed me for the release of the tension & pain I had in my body before we started. It was such a lovely relaxing time of feeling nurtured & safe with this warm & attentive lady. I will most certainly use the simple techniques we were taught to keep myself in a best state of wellbeing for my lowered blood pressure , keeping my body more supple, for good sleep & a general feeling of greater peace of mind.


In Slow Life Yoga, I have achieved states of relaxation that as a chronic pain patient I thought impossible. Since the poses are intuitive and uncomplicated, all pressure to perform disappears. Instead I am free to experience the exquisite sensation of muscles unwinding as space is being created in the body. The slowness, playful encouragement and gentle curiosity of Slow Life Coaching taught me a new language to use when communicating with my body. This has gone a long way in repairing my relationship with it and building self-trust as I heal.

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