The season of food marathons has already started!

The starting signal has been given : the food marathon has just begun : business dinners, family meals, cocktails, buffet and parties!

This is the reason why I would like to give you some easy tips which will accompany you during these weeks of festivities.

1. When you expect an “intense” gourmet meal out, given the cold winter days, it will be of some help have something warm, i.e. a soup, so that you will not be attacked by a dangerous ravenous hunger resulting from eating only a cold salad. Needless to say, if you opt for the strategy of skipping lunch, a heavy bill will be presented to you the same evening or the next day … Then, let’s have fun in these days and become expert tasters of vegetable dishes, broths, soups, exploring the plurality of flavors … They are all light and nutritious dishes.

2. During these beautiful social occasions let’s sit next to or in front of people who eat slowly (and moderately). It’ s amazing how their attitude can be contagious. You realize that, as a consequence, you will be tempted to taste food in smaller quantities and you will feel more relaxed.

3. Now the buffet: a very dangerous place .. to avoid risks, instead of strolling around too long, devote your time to talk with other guests. After composing your plate with a “scene” made of various foods, which should represent blooming hills more than high mountains (we understand each other, right?), you will leave the buffet room and sit down! By the way, have you noticed that when standing you eat much faster than sitting?

These three simple tips will give our convivial meetings a “light flavor”.

This too is FiloCiboSofia.

From my heart, I wish you will share a nice festive period full of serenity!

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