SlowLife Coaching for
Business Improvement

SlowLife Coaching for Business Improvement is a series of live sessions delivered via Zoom to teach the fundamentals of using a SlowLife approach in the business context. A unique and powerful way to bring your people together, improve wellbeing and increase productivity.

Option 1:

SlowLife Fundamentals

This single 75 minute session introduces SlowLife principles and how these can be used to integrate personal needs with the corporate environment and achieve better business performance. Through gentle meditative yoga this session uses the tools of breath, body awareness and emotional mindfulness, to teach your people how to be in the present moment, find stillness and connect with their deepest needs.

This session can be booked for up to 5 people for €500 or up to 10 people for €900.

75 minutes
Fixed rate up to 5 people

75 minutes
Fixed rate up to 10 people

Option 2:

Using the SlowLife Approach to Increase Productivity

This package of three 60 minute sessions includes SlowLife Fundamentals and develops the concepts so they can implemented in daily life within the business context. This includes themes of:

Maintaining body awareness throughout the day, discovering our best posture when sitting for long periods, finding relief for neck and shoulder tension

Maintaining concentration throughout the day, during meetings, when doing precise work, when fatigued, distracted and after eating

Techniques for relaxation that improve ones ability to transform emotions when frustrated, release mental tension, help sleep better and improve our interactions with others

Simple strategies for creating a balanced relationship with food to support wellbeing instead of as comfort mechanism for stress

Smart Working
A new approach to establish a better work-life balance

For this package there is no limitation on the number of participants and is priced at €1,500.



This experience was perfection! We had a long, grueling, all-day Zoom Business Mtg scheduled and decided to put this experience right in the middle. It gave us something to look forward during the morning and then after the experience we were relaxed, but alert and able to finish the day strong. We absolutely loved Sandrine, her spirit and kindness come through the screen and touch you! We did not want the experience to end, but thankfully for many of us, the benefits of embracing the slow life, even for the 1.5hrs we were with Sandrine, extended into the overnight hours where we slept like babies! I’ve been sleeping better ever since! Highly, highly recommend this peaceful and soul-giving experience. This is what an experience should be! Book it now, thank me later 😉


Our team loved this experience! Highly recommended as a beautiful way to slow down and learn some calming techniques. We all felt very relaxed and zen and will definitely use these techniques in the future. Sandrine is a wonderful host, very attentive and caring, she made sure everyone was comfortable and could follow her guidance well. Highly recommend!


Sandrine is very friendly, kind and calming. She made the experience customized to the needs of my team and she helped us relieve pain from the back, release tension in the body and bring peace into the mind. She gave us great advice on how to relax during the day, sleep better and cope with stress. It was an amazing experience! My team loved it. I would recommend this experience as team-building event but it could be a relaxing night with friends as well.


This was for a corporate event and everyone really really loved it! They wish they could have stayed on longer! I will definitely keep this on the short list for activities in the fucture.


This event was perfect for me and my co-workers who spend a lot of time in front of the screen. Sandrine was very informative and soothing and really created a nice environment. We were all able to relax and I definitely slept VERY well that night!


What an incredible experience! I selected Sandrine’s virtual experience as a ‘work retreat’ to recognize the hard work of our remote staff. Everything was excellent – Sandrine set the tone right away with her relaxed demeanor and cozy atmosphere. Her instructions were clear and inclusive, and tailored for the audience. The hour and half flew by. I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed, and the team felt similarly. Would highly recommend her class for an individual or group!


Sandrine helped me and my coworkers relax before the weekend! I love that she tied it back to how it could help us in our day-to-day remote work in front of a computer. Her calming voice was easy to get lost in and she provided beginner-friendly stretches, an intro to meditation and ended with gentle yoga on the mat. She was also quick to respond to my questions while I was planning too.


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