What they’re saying

“Sandrine, thanks! I felt so connected with my inner soul, my breath, myself. I love your guidance throughout the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. I literally had tears in my eyes imagining hugging a trees. You made a very difficult time a moment of awareness and self care.”


“Sandrine’s experience was very relaxing and meditative. Throughout the experience she checked in with each guest to make sure they were following along and feeling connected to the poses. She offered small adjustments to each guest when necessary. After the experience I felt peaceful and grounded. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to feel cared for and relaxed.”


“Such a great way to start (or end) your day. After the practice, I felt so relaxed and present. Thank you Sandrine for helping me listened to my body, for all the tips, and for making sure my postures and breathing were aligned 🙂 See you soon!”


“The meditative yoga session with Sandrine was a deeply calming experience which was exactly what I needed to relax and put things in perspective during this very tumultuous time in life. Sandrine is definitely an expert in her field and cam e across as gentle, caring and engaging which made it an interactive and delightful experience. Anyone can do this experience regardless of their experience yoga. I have been doing yoga for about 3 years now and still deeply enjoyed this interesting mix of meditation and yoga. The final session of Shavasana where Sandrine’s gentle voice took us to the countryside of Tuscany was my absolute favorite!”


“Amazing experience. Sandrine was so calming and caring. She took the time to learn about me and the core areas of my body that were wrought with tension. She customized our session accordingly and it was an easy gentle flow. At the end I almost fell asleep during savasana which goes to show how relaxed I was. Loved it. Felt like she was right in front of me guiding me along.”


“This was SO relaxing and wonderful. I highly recommend this online experience. It is a great way to step away from your day and be present. Sandrine was a wonderful host, clearly and expert. The setting was also beautiful , calming, comfortable.”


“Sandrine’s yoga experience provided a calm start to my day. I was most impressed by Sandrine’s ability to tailor the session for each of the guests, and I never felt uncomfortable. I recommend this experience.”


“Wow, this is exactly what I needed, in our current state of the world. Sandrine and I connected from each of our living rooms and she spent time meaningful forcing me to be more gentle to myself and to reconnect with my body and mind. She has so much wisdom about wellness practices, but time with her was even more magical because not only did it force me to prioritize my self, but I could also be in the living room of someone in Italy, and learn about how she’s experiencing this global pandemic, thousands of miles away. Thank you, Sandrine! I can’t wait to come visit you when this is all over. <3”


“Sandrine is a wonderful, knowledgable human being. Experiencing her gentle meditative yoga in the comfort of our homes during this time of quarantine, was incredibly special. I felt a real sense of belonging and I would highly recommend Sandrine for anyone looking for a special digital experience at home or the next time we get the luxury of traveling to Florence. Thank you Sandrine!”


“I am a mother of two, staying at home during this unique time, and Sandrine provided an amazingly relaxing experience which left me feeling refreshed, focused and like I just had a full body massage. The whole time I was thinking how great my other parent friends would love her experience. I’ll be sure to be taking this on a regular basis, as I just can’t motivate myself to watch recorded videos. A real treat and worth every dollar. Sandrine leads a very special experience”


“Sandrine was a great host. She talked and listened to everyone carefully. She is able to give advice and correct postures over zoom. The entire experience is relaxing and calming. I definitely felt more peaceful after the session. It also felt nice to connect with people over the zoom at this special moment. Thanks Sandrine for hosting me!”


Wow wow wow! Das hat sooo gut getan! Danke Sandrine für diese tolle Entdeckung, es war wundervoll. Du hast meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Danke für alles und von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute!


Unique, magical, powerful, and rejuvenating. This was such a treat, and I felt so recharged the whole week! Sandrine makes you feel special and truly cares about you and your wellbeing. I loved how easy going she was, very friendly, and genuinely approachable she is. Feels like a friend you’ve met for years!


Incredibly calming and relaxing. I am so thankful for my time with Sandrine. She is indeed a special soul. I felt so much more calm and my mind quieted afterward. It was exactly what I needed. A very special experience. Thank you Sandrine!


Sandrine was an absolute joy to spend time with. We left feeling rejuvenated and full of new nuggets of wisdom that we will take home with us. We are very thankful to have had this experience!


Such a great experience with Sandrine! She has so much passion for what she does and treats you as a true guest, not just a customer of an experience. A great way to recharge and do right to your body.


So toll! Sandrine ist so eine warmherzige und offene Person bei der ich mich direkt wohl und willkommen gefühlt habe. Bei ihr zu Hause, mitten im Grünen, konnte man toll relaxen und den doch teilweise stressigen Trubel der Großstadt einmal vergessen.


Sandrine had so much great energy and was very welcoming – she made everyone feel so comfortable and genuinely was there to aid us during the yoga session. We really enjoyed her company and learnt a lot how to improve our relationship with food.


여행 도중에 힐링할 수 있는 소중한 시간을 갖게되었습니다! 운동이라기보다는 명상이라고 보시는게 나을거에요. 건강한 체험을 했습니다. 너무 좋아요


Sandrine is a beautiful person inside and out. She effortlessly radiates so much positive energy which transfers to everything she does, everyone she connects with and the surrounding environment. Her garden is a serene paradise and her meditative guidance puts everyone at such a peaceful zen state that it brings tears to one’s eyes…tears of joy.


Magnifique! I‘ve got a very special place in my heart for this wonderful morning with Sandrine. Sandrine does not only have a warm heart but is an expert in what she does. The way she led us to the soft yin-yoga positions was admirable!


My daughter and I had a wonderful, uplifting day with Sandrine. Her Yin yoga/restorative yoga brought tears of joy to my eyes. We had a delicious lunch which she prepared and meaningful conversations during it in her beautiful, peaceful yard. We really got to express ourselves in a healing way. I would highly recommend Sandrine’s experience. It’s a nice way to slow down even for a little while.


Sign up now! Sandrine is a wonderful person and provides an amazing experience. My wife and I joined her at her home.  Nestled among olive and Cypress trees we learned simple yoga and the benefits of breathing techniques. We formed a deep connection during the meditation and she talked with us about personalized stress management. Following the session Sandrine taught us about some diet and eating considerations. I highly recommend this talented and exceptional teacher and the experience Sandrine offers.

Cindy & David

Stories sharing, gentle yoga and yummy yet nutritious lunch, I personally enjoy this experience very much. This experience had made this whole trip extra amazing and meaningful! Thank you Sandrine to remind us the importance of slow life in this hustling world!


I have been studying in Florence for almost 3 months and this is BY FAR the best thing that I have done here! Highly recommend to anyone that will be in Florence for a long or short period of time. Sandrine is the kindest and most caring soul who has a lot of love and wisdom to give! Meeting with her and going on this experience is a gift.


I had been solo traveling for over two months when I met Sandrine, so I really did need this healing experience! Sandrine is such a kind, gentle, knowledgeable woman. She really personalized the experience for us and our needs, and made us feel comfortable in her home (which is very cozy and stylish). I’m so grateful for the experience and would love to meet up again when I come back to Florence!


Sandrine is amazing! She has a true gift of connecting with her guests and makes everyone feel welcome and special. It is obvious that she loves pampering and nurturing people while sharing her insights into how to better care for ourselves. I had tears in my eyes when she gave me a hug goodbye.


What can I possibly share with you about Sandrine and Slowlife coaching? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in health from an expert teacher while surrounded by the wealth that this magical country has to offer. I stayed in Italy for two weeks and my Slowlife Coaching with Sandrine was one of the highlights of my trip! I am eternally grateful and will definitely be joining her again!


This experience is a must!! After a long day of travelling, airports and our wedding just a short few days away this was exactly what we needed!!! Sandrine has a beautiful soul..we loved the flow of the entire experience! It was perfect. We really listened to the advice & visualizations Sandrine had said to us which I believe made us so relaxed on our wedding day! With the hustle & bustle of visiting cities we highly recommend this experience to keep yourself present and to remember to enjoy the simplest things! Thank you Sandrine for this unforgettable experience! P.s. your olive oil is the best!!


Le moment avec Sandrine a été vraiment chouette. Elle a su s’adapter à nous 2 alors que nous étions très différents !. Elle est très sympathique, à l’écoute et elle a de l’humour. Passionnée elle a aussi su nous amener doucement au Yoga dans un lieu très agréable ! Je recommande son activité les yeux fermés.


Wouaw… Quelle expérience merveilleuse! Rien n’était à changer! Le cadre était magique, la séance apaisante et bénéfique, l’hôte absolument parfaite, et les petites collations à la fin… typiquement italiennes, tasty! Le jardin de Sandrine était reposant, et le chant des cigales nous berçait doucement! Ce qui était le plus beau c’est que tout était dans la simplicité, aussi bien dans la manière de parler que dans la manière de se comporter! Sandrine est quelqu’un d’extrêmement bienveillant, d’une gentillesse sans faille, et d’une joie d’une joie de vivre radieuse! Exactement le genre d’expérience « inattendue » que j’adore et qui me fait ressentir que je suis pleinement en vie! À refaire avec grand grand plaisir!


…Nutrition, Yoga, Massage et Méditation, le cocktail parfait pour se détendre et se ressourcer. Sandrine Kom est d’un grand professionalisme et sait écouter les besoins de notre organisme. Je recommande vraiment cette filocibosofia ! …


…Sandrine dispone di qualità relazionali eccezionali. Sa trovare le parole giuste per accompagnarvi nel vostro percorso di vita…è un coach strepitosa! …


…Relax, meditazione, convivialità, buon cibo e slow life… tutto questo ho riscontrato in un giorno di Filocibosofia. A dirigire l’orchestra una persona squisita e competente qual è Sandrine. Sicuramente da rifare…


…I pomeriggi trascorsi a casa di Sandrine sono incantevoli. Un po di tempo da dedicare alla cura di se stessi, assaporando il cibo delizioso,preparato amorevolmente da Sandrine, e facendo dolcemente yoga per nutrire doppiamente il corpo….e lo spirito. Il luogo è molto bello, nel verde e nel silenzio, Sandrine è molto accogliente e attenta, ogni cosa è creata con grande cura. Consiglio a tutti di trascorrere un po di tempo così. …Grazie Sandrine …


…Sandrine – pur avendo strutturato una filosofia ed un metodo adatto a tutte le persone – colpisce per la sua grande sensibilità nel porre attenzione alle necessità di ogni interlocutore, senza sovrapposizioni o ricette e soluzioni “copia ed incolla” tipiche di offerte dello stesso settore.
Attenzione al singolo, unicità di trattamento, fattibilità di realizzazione sono sicuramente i suoi punti di forza! …


…Sandrine ha il potere di caricarci di energia positiva, di buoni propositi e di riportarci sulla terra a godere di quelle infinite gioie che ci circondano, riuscendo a ricercare lo straordinario nell’ordinario. Grazie per questa fantastica esperienza.


…La nostra conoscenza è iniziata con una telefonata di presentazione in cui Sandrine ha percepito tutto ció di cui avevo bisogno. Una coach molto attenta e preparata capace di riempire il cuore e far sorridere! Grazie Spero di ritrovarti presto! …


…Ho conosciuto Sandrine in un momento particolare della mia vita, questa donna solare ed aperta all’ascolto mi ha insegnato attraverso Filocibosofia a prendermi il tempo per me…


Un incontro fortemente voluto.. Ero già convinta prima di arrivare ma conoscere Sandrine è stato il coronamento e l’aspettativa superata. Lei è una padrona do casa straordinaria, ti accoglie con il profumo genuino di dolci e pane appena sfornato e l’animo si dispone a questo viaggio fatto con “compagne” che come me hanno aperto il proprio essere. La naturalezza, il ritmo rallentato.. Sandrine mi ha fatto riconciliare con il tempo ed ha rinfrancato l’anima. Una esperienza che consiglio a tutte per volersi un po più bene. Grazie Sandrine, mi hai fatto un grande regalo, ci vediamo presto.


…Filocibosofia è un mondo speciale, fatto di profumi, emozioni e sensazioni che rimettono al mondo. E’ un regalo che chiunque dovrebbe concedersi. Un’esperienza bellissima in compagnia della coach Sandrine, capace di accompagnarti con professionalità mostrandoti un nuovo stile di vita del quale non potrai più fare a meno …


…Nella vita spesso mi è successo di sentir dire che le cose importanti non succedono per caso.. quando cerchi qualcosa di importante di cui hai bisogno, col cuore.. lo trovi con semplicità.. ed è così che ho conosciuto Sandrine.. la stavo certamente cercando ma non avrei mai immaginato di incontrare una persona così.. Sandrine è una persona bellissima.. ha un energia positiva e delicatissima che accoglie in pienezza.. è un grandissimo dono il suo.. quello di saper ascoltare le persone.. e con la sua sensibilità e intelligenza ha sempre la cosa giusta da dire.. ha un mazzo cosmico di chiavi in tasca che ti da.. e che ti fanno sbloccare nel cervello meccanismi a volte ancorati da anni.. per me è stato un incontro preziosissimo.. meraviglioso!


…Ho fatto yoga con lei riuscendo a lasciarmi andare e a sentirmi bene perché Sandrine con la sua dolcezza riesce ad infonderti tanta rilassatezza e tanta energia positiva . Sono felice di aver conosciuto una donna come lei con tante qualità da donare agli altri……



…So happy to have had the experience of meeting Sandrine and having the opportunity to take her yoga class and hear about her slow living philosophy. It was life changing for me. Thank you!


…My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Sandrine and taking her yoga class. She reminded us to take time for ourselves in this busy life we live in. She took us through a journey of relaxing and feeling our body. It’s so easy to forget to take a deep breath and just be in the moment. Today we had such a beautiful experience. I want us to hang on to this feeling and continue to practice yoga and remember to take our time. I highly recommend Sandrine. If we lived in Italy we would def. see her more often, Thank you Sandrine, I look forward to our next class… next visit in Italy, we will call you 🙂


Spending time with Sandrine is a lot of fun. She’s a great listener and has a wonderful sense of humour. Apart from her expertise, I was curious to learn about her philosophy. It’s an interesting approach!


…Everything and more. Sandrine will feed your mind, body and soul.


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