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SlowLife Yoga

My Approach

After six years I finally understood what My Teacher meant when she said “you don’t need to do anything”.  I finally understood that our natural breath is doing all the work for us.

My personal practise over the years made me understand that during my yoga sessions my body is the boss, it shows me the path I have to follow using my natural breath.

This is the reason why I founded SlowLife Yoga which has nothing to do with acrobatic positions and everything to do with kindness to ourselves.  We live in a society in which we don’t know how to be gentle with ourselves, and the first step is by listening to the messages sent from our bodies.

How does a SlowLife Yoga session work?

When I first start a session with my students I always ask TWO specific questions that help me to decide how I will guide this session based on your needs in this moment.

In order to be completely dedicated to you, I give the priority to individual sessions or small groups.


SlowLife Yoga is especially indicated:

*if you need to improve the quality of your sleep
*if you are in a moment of feeling overwhelmed, anxious or pessimistic
*in moments of transition in your life, and you need to reconnect to your real needs
*if you use food for comfort and it disturbs you
*if you have issues with postural balance
*if you are overweight with less flexibility in your movement
*for elderly people who would like to improve their mobility
*for teenagers who would like to improve their concentration
*if you have a difficult relationship with your physical aspect
*if you have sensory limitations such as sight issues


Your session includes refreshments and will take place in a bright and peaceful country house in the Chianti hills on the outskirts of Florence, however sessions can also be held at your home, a hotel or place of work as you prefer.

In addition to English, I am fluent in French, German, Russian and of course Italian!


I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information, so I invite you to read the testimonials about my work and try a session!  And in the meanwhile, enjoy “59 Seconds of Wellbeing” and the “Three Minute Breakon my YouTube channel.

My personal practice

My father always told me that luxury belongs to people who wake up early in the morning and this is why I love to practise at the crack of dawn in which there is still this sacred silence around me.

This is my way of starting my first conversation with God.

This practise reminds me of my priorities and what are my deepest needs.

What they’re saying

Magnifique! I‘ve got a very special place in my heart for this wonderful morning with Sandrine. Sandrine does not only have a warm heart but is an expert in what she does. The way she led us to the soft yin-yoga positions was admirable!


“Sandrine is a wonderful, knowledgable human being. Experiencing her gentle meditative yoga in the comfort of our homes during this time of quarantine, was incredibly special. I felt a real sense of belonging and I would highly recommend Sandrine for anyone looking for a special digital experience at home or the next time we get the luxury of traveling to Florence. Thank you Sandrine!”


This experience is a must!! After a long day of travelling, airports and our wedding just a short few days away this was exactly what we needed!!! Sandrine has a beautiful soul..we loved the flow of the entire experience! It was perfect. We really listened to the advice & visualizations Sandrine had said to us which I believe made us so relaxed on our wedding day! With the hustle & bustle of visiting cities we highly recommend this experience to keep yourself present and to remember to enjoy the simplest things! Thank you Sandrine for this unforgettable experience! P.s. your olive oil is the best!!


Contact & Support

I welcome your questions and will get back to you very soon!

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